Safety measures

Upon entering, customers will wash their hands with a hydroalcoholic solution available to them.

A Plexiglas has been installed between the clients and the receptionists.

Distance selling (DS) and bank card transactions will be carried out without contact with the card or our terminal.

The keys are handed over and collected only on arrival and departure and are then disinfected with alcohol.

Bed linen is washed and boiled in the laundry.

The cleaning of the rooms is done with 70% of 90º alcohol + demineralised water and essential oils.

The rooms will be occupied with a 24 hour difference between the clients.

We ask our clients to use the elevator only for going up and the stairs for going down.

We also ask them to open the windows when leaving.

Towels will not be changed unless necessary, in which case we will provide towels at the door.

There are no plans to resume breakfast service.